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Jason Deal Takes UCRA Victory at Tri County Race Track

Brasstown, North Carolina (09/03/18) - Jason Deal leads Flag to Flag to Win the 40 Laps Monday Night with the United Crate Racing Alliance at Ray Cook’s Tri County Race Track  

Brasstown, NC (9-3-18)    The night started out with Performance Race Engines Qualifying.  Ethan Hunter, of Tiger Ga, set fast time.  Jason Deal set 2nd fast time.  Ethan Hunter won 1st Heat and sets on the inside front row for the feature event.  Jason Deal wins 2nd heat and starts out side front row for the feature.

 As the race come to the green on the first initial start, officials called it a false start.  As we went back to green, Car #7 Jason Deal takes the lead of 2nd place car #15 of Ethan Hunter.  Lap 2 in turn 2 #22 of Jameson Early spins and collects car #R12 Rodney Weeks and Kenny Kizzar car #157 was done for the night.

 As we come back to green it was Jason Deal, Ethan Hunter, Michael Courtney, Seth Wimpey, Jimmy Elliott, Jacob Henderson in a heated battle for the top 5 positions for several laps.   At the end of the 40 Laps Jason Deal took the win, Michael Courtney, Seth Wimpey, Brian Kinnersly, Jacob Anderson, Jimmy Elliott, Drew Deaver, Ethan Hunter. Brent Shook, Kenny Collins, David McCoy, Jameson Early, Rodney Weeks and Kenny Kizzar.

Top 5 in Post-Race inspection; Jacob Anderson protest Jason Deal’s fuel.  Fuel confirms to UCRA E85’s plus or minus 2, Deal’s fuel checked at E87. 

Jason Deal’s MSD boxes were claimed by Car #C11 Michael Courtney.

Also; Jason Deals rear tire samples were taken off both rear tires and was sent to Blue Ridge Labs results can in Thursday and stated They Conformed to American Racer 56 benchmark  

Jason Deal                 #7
Michael Courtney    #C11
Seth Wimpey           #24
Brian Kinnersly       #9
Jacob Anderson      #200

All 5 competitors passed UCRA Post-Race inspection of valve springs; compression; and bore scope of 1 cylinder of each competitor.


Official Finishing Order AS OF:  9-6-18

  •  Car 7                 Jason Deal
  •  Car C11             Michael Courtney
  •  Car 24               Seth Wimpey
  •  Car 9                 Brian Kinnersly
  •  Car 200            Jacob Anderson
  •  Car J39             Jimmy Elliott
  •  Car 12                Drew Deaver
  •  Car 15                Ethan Hunter  
  •  Car 17                Brett Shook
  •  Car 1                  Kenny Collins
  •  Car 187             David McCoy
  •  Car 22               Jameson Early
  •  Car R12             Rodney Weeks
  •  Car 157              Kenny Kizzar