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Jason Welshan Dominates UCRA Blue Ridge Labor Day 50

1Blue Ridge, GA (8/31/2019) --- The United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA kicked off it’s Labor Day weekend with a debut event at Blue Ridge (GA) Motorsports Park, Saturday night, hosting twenty-one (21) of the best 604/Crate Late Model racers of the South, with five (5) states representing the action at the 1/3 mile clay oval in the gorgeous mountains of the National Forest lands. Jason Welshan of Maryville, Tennessee set the standard after local Blairesville, Georgian Brian Kinnersley set the stage in qualifying clocking a 15:518 to earn the $300 “Jacky Jones Chevrolet / Stewart Farms” sponsored segment. (Candice McCue photo)

Kinnersley would be beaten by outside polesitter Seth Wimpey of Blue Ridge in the first of three (3) heat races, a feet that was repeated in each heat race by the outside polesitter in the other two contests. Welshan winning heat two earned him that fabeled “Cat-Birds Seat” position for the feature and that’s all the “Dirty-Bird” Trans AM’d Jerry Hux Warrior racecar racer needed, as the # 01 “Competition Racing Equipment” Jay Dickens powered machine dominated all 50 laps of the $3,000 to-win affair. The battle for second waged on behind Welshan as Kinnersley and Jordy Nipper of Gray, GA battled lap after lap swapping the runner up nod multiple times. Jason Deal of nearby Copperhill, TN had his hands full of UCRA regular Michael Cortney whom salvaged the only series Top 5 of the event for the touring regulars. At the drivers meeting the series announced the cancellation of the October 12th UCRA event for BRMP, with hopes to reschedule the Round # 9 race to another date.

Official Results: 
1.Jason Welshan, 2.Brian Kinnersley, 3.Jordy Nipper, 4.Jason Deal, 5.Michael Courtney, 6.Will Herrington, 7.Chip Brindle, 8.Junior Whitner, 9.Clay Harris, 10.Kenny Kizzar, 11.Jesse Lowe, 12.Ruben Mayfield, 13.Justin Cameron, 14.Larry Waters, 15.Drew Deaver, 16.Rodney Weeks, 17.Seth Wimpey, 18.Rod Carroll, 19.Barry Anderson, 20.Josh Henry, DNS:Ethan Hunter