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March 17, 2019 - UCRA 2019 Virginia Bound; Clay Valley Speedway Adusts June Date to 22nd
1 Coeburn, VA (03/17/2019) --- The United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA joined forces with the new Clay Valley Speedway in Coeburn, Virginia for a event (possibly two) in 2019, at the newly renovated  3/8 mile clay oval (formerly Lonesome Pine Raceway), just North of the Tennessee/Virginia state-line. A "June Jam 50" Mid-Summer Explosion is now set for Saturday night; June 22nd, (previously scheduled on the 29th) with a $3,000 to-WIN / $11,500 / 50 lap event that will hopefully precede the tracks finale in November. The track will host a "Challenge the Clock" unofficial $1,000 possible UCRA event, Friday night June 21st before Saturday nights Main Event.

More details and criteria will be announced later online at www.ClayValleySpeedway.com. In addition to the ($11,500) purse money at CVS (6/22/19), the 2019 UCRA National Points Championship is worth an additional $16,000, putting a nearly $50,000 tagline with the UCRA and Clay Valley. The UCRA is a sanctioning body for 604/Crate Late Model dirt racing and all rights and rules thereof are available to be adhered to on behalf of the United Championship Racing Alliance ©2019 online at UCRAracing.com.

March 7, 2019 - 10 Races… Over $150,000 Prize Monies… No Membership Fees… Equals $16,000 Championship Chase 
1Fort Payne, AL (3/5/2019) --- The stage is set for the chase of the $16,000 up for grabs for the 2019 United Championship Racing Alliance – UCRA season. As the first of ten races scheduled, the Fort Payne (AL) Motor Speedway’s “Bama Brawl” UCRA opener last weekend, Seth Wimpey of Blue Ridge, raced to his career first alliance victory. The 35 year old lead all 40 laps of the $2,500 feature race holding off multiple challengers. The 2019 UCRA $1,000 Rookie of the Year bonus challenge is up for grabs as part of the over $150,000 prize monetary season, that unlike other series charges racers membership fees, along with entry fees, transponder fees and pit entry charges. Wimpey’s # 24 “VanDrake Racing, Weeks Tires, W.E.Hardscapes & Masonry, Stone Depot, 99Inc., Tree Daddy and High Country Pest Control” sponsored Black Diamond team is not alone in the Rookie Hunt, as four other possible rookie contenders raced Round # 1 last weekend. David Duplissey of Chattanooga, TN; DJ Hayes of Ider, AL; Randy Holder of Anniston, AL; and Justin McGatha of Centre, AL all could contend for the Rookie Title. >>READ MORE

March 2, 2019 - Seth Wimpey Surges to UCRA Bama Brawl Triumph
1Fort Payne, AL (3/2/19) --- A 2019 Rookie of the Year United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA candidate stole the "Bama Brawl" show Saturday afternoon, leading flag to flag the 40 lap event in honor of the late Eddie Davis; Marketing Director for the four year touring group, whom passed away suddenly last year. Seth Wimpey of Blue Ridge, GA put his name in the ring for the $16,000 UCRA 2019 National Championship chase, that includes a $1,000 Rookie Title challenge, after two solid runs at his home track last year in Brasstown, NC. (Stanley Smith photo)

The  # 24 “VanDrake Racing, Weeks Tires, W.E.Hardscapes & Masonry, Stone Depot, 99Inc., Tree Daddy and High Country Pest Control” sponsored Black Diamond racer lucked into a penalty against front row starters Jesse Lowe and Kasey Hall, that catapulted himself and heat #2 runner-up Michael Courtney to the front row. Wimpey fired as directed by UCRA officials and it was "Katy Barr the Door" as the leader sustained challenge after challenger. >>READ MORE