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May 30, 2019 - UCRA Stop at Clay Valley Speedway Canceled
Coeburn, VA (5/30/19) ---  Officials with Clay Valley Speedway and the United Championship Racing Alliance have decided to cancel the “June Jam 50” event from the 2019 schedule, slated for Saturday, June 22nd. The UCRA is working on updating it’s Summer and Fall schedules with some additional events to be announced.

May 26, 2019 - Jesse Low Pads UCRA Point Lead with Tazewell Triumph
1Tazewell, TN (5/26/19) --- In front of a great crowd of racefans, Crossville’s Jesse Lowe scored the $3,001 United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA victory at Tazewell Speedway in Sunday's “Melvin Corum Memorial”. Lowe finished 0.497 seconds ahead of Mack McCarter, with fourteen (14) of the 20 entrants completing the 40 lap event. The race honored lifelong racer Melvin Corum of Maynardville, Tenn., who died in September. Lowe powered into the lead from the “Cat-Birds Seat” (outside front row), which was dominant all event long, driving his recently darkened “5J Motorsports / CVR  “Bennett Heating & Cooling, Workout Anytime, Gondola Pizza & Steakhouse and Baisley’s Body Shop” sponsored machine. Lowe would hold back challenges from both the Fast Qualifier neighbor Brandon Williams and Mack McCarter of Seymour, TN for the triumph, his third with the UCRA. Entering the event, Lowe held a two points lead for the $16,000 National Championship over Michael Courtney, whom finished outside the Top 10 Sunday. >>>READ MORE

May 18, 2019 - JT Seawright Wins “Mayhem 40” in UCRA Fort Payne Debut
1Fyffe, AL (5/18/2019) ---  Making his Crate Late Model debut Saturday night with the United Championship Racing Alliance (UCRA); JT Seawright (former Super Late Model Track Champion) from Fort Payne, AL dominated 38 laps of the “Mayhem 40” “A” Main feature event muscling the lead away from fellow rookie Seth Wimpey in the opening laps.

The local racer dubbed “Big Digger” made the change over recently with little brother (Sam) culminating with JT’s recent 18th birthday. >>>READ MORE

May 15, 2019 - UCRA New & Notes for Fort Payne Mayhem 40
1 KEY NOTES: The UCRA will yet again attempt to make its 2nd trek to the home base of Janis Ingram and Marvin Ford's Fort Payne (AL) Motor Speedway 45-minutes South of Chattanooga, TN off I-59, Saturday May 18th, after a week delay from Mothernature. All eyes will be on leading Rookie contender Seth Wimpey of Blue Ridge, GA to see if he can back-up his dominating performance of FPMS, from back in March at the "Bama Brawl". Current Points Leader Jesse Lowe of Crossville, TN got a break recently at I-75, during the feature when Top 3 running Wimpey, fell out of the race with one lap remaining, regulating him to a 13th place finish. One point separates first from second in the $16,000 National Points chase. Many other top 604/Crate Late Model race-teams should be in competition at FPMS Saturday. Previous UCRA/Fort Payne winners include; Chip Brindle of Dalton GA, local's Sam Seawright (who's chasing the $1,000 Rookie of the Year Bonus), "The Hurricane" Kasey Hall  and Kyle May. Last season’s UCRA Champion Jimmy Elliott of Cleveland, TN is likely to enter, as is his racing pal; 2018 Rookie of the Year Michael Courtney of Knoxville, who'se currently second in points. "Hot" Rod Carrol of Anniston, AL and Kenny Kizzar of Graysville Mtn, TN look to build on their Round #2 performances also this Saturday at FPMS. The Top 5 in points are all within striking distance of one another, Super Late Models, 602/Sportsman, A-Hobby, B-Hobby, Bombers, Pony and FWD are also racing with the $2,500 to-WIN 604/Crate UCRA series annual "Mayhem 40" lapper.

Who to watch: Either brother J.T. or Sam Seawright locals, unknown to which, as rumor has it a switch from Super Late Model to Crate Late Model amongst teenagers has transpired.  Seth Wimpey was strong in Round #1 and Round #2 s far this season.. 

April 11, 2019 - Lowe & Courtney Top UCRA National Points After I-75 Spring-Loaded 40
1 Sweetwater, TN (4/11/19) --- Seth Wimpey fell one lap short of retaining the United Championship Racing Alliances – UCRA points lead, Saturday night at I-75 Raceway when he was eliminated from contention on lap 39 of the 40 lap affair. Losing a likely Top 5 podium place finish, the UCRA points leader after winning Round # 1 season opener at Fort Payne (AL) Motor Speedway dropped significantly placing 14th overall, one lap down after running as high as third during the Main Event. Runner up (to winner Hedgecock) Jesse Lowe of Crossville now leads points by one (1) over Michael Courtney of Knoxville. Lowe races his CVR / Phantom Race Engines “Xtreme Pressure Washing, Gondolas Pizza and Steakhouse, Hidden View Lake, Bennett Heating and Cooling, Workout Anytime, Baisley’s Body Shop, Martel Sign Company, The Clean Machine, Hyperco, Autozone. 865 Hydro Graphics, Haircuts by Mel, Hoosier Tire South, Penskes by Vinny, MSRMafia .com, Velocita, Butlerbuilt” racecar out of Crossville, TN and is the ($1,000 bonus 2017 UCRA Rookie of the Year) recipient.

Kasey “The Hurricane” Hall of Alabama dropped one position to third overall in the 2019 National Points chase just ahead of Wimpey (leading 2019 Rookie contender) and “Hot” Rod Carroll of Anniston, AL, who broke into the Top 5 points with his fifth place finish Saturday night. Kenny Kizzar of Graysville Mtn was 12th, while Alabama’s Sam Seawright dropped to seventh wth his last place finish. Wimpey and Seawright are the two rookie’s in 2019 vying for the $1,000 bonus. Area East Tennessee racers Cory Hedgecock and Treavor Sise both finished high enough to be counted into the UCRA National Points Top 10. Next series race: May 11th, Fort Payne (AL) Motor Speedway paying $2,500 to-WIN the 40 lap “Mayhem” feature race. For more details on the series visit the web-site 24/7 at UCRAracing.com.     

April 6, 2019 - Cory Hedgecock Hustles to Third-Straight UCRA I-75 Triumph
1Sweetwater, TN (4/6/19) --- For the third consecutive season, the Lightning has struck, as Cory Hedgecock of Loudon, TN, bested the United Championship Racing Alliances – UCRA field winning the 3rd annual “Spring-Loaded 40” at I-75 Raceway Saturday night. Triumphing by more than 2-second margin, over last year’s “Larry Kyle Memorial” victor Crossville’s Jesse Lowe. Hedgecock pocketed a $2,500 payday for his UCRA Round # 2 race victory registering his third career UCRA 604/Crate Late Model victory. (Shannon Norwood photo)

In his Eagle Racing Engine powered, “Cushman, Five Star Hyundai, Eagle Racing Engines, K&P Used Cars, Transport One, Budget Transmissions, Valley Transport, VP Racing Fuels, VooDoo Technology and Timeless Memories Photography” sponsored Rocket # 23 racecar, the “Loudon Lightnng” overpowered race leader Treavor Sise of Knoxville, on lap 31 of the 40 lap feature race. >>READ MORE

March 17, 2019 - UCRA 2019 Virginia Bound; Clay Valley Speedway Adusts June Date to 22nd
1 Coeburn, VA (03/17/2019) --- The United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA joined forces with the new Clay Valley Speedway in Coeburn, Virginia for a event (possibly two) in 2019, at the newly renovated  3/8 mile clay oval (formerly Lonesome Pine Raceway), just North of the Tennessee/Virginia state-line. A "June Jam 50" Mid-Summer Explosion is now set for Saturday night; June 22nd, (previously scheduled on the 29th) with a $3,000 to-WIN / $11,500 / 50 lap event that will hopefully precede the tracks finale in November. The track will host a "Challenge the Clock" unofficial $1,000 possible UCRA event, Friday night June 21st before Saturday nights Main Event.

More details and criteria will be announced later online at www.ClayValleySpeedway.com. In addition to the ($11,500) purse money at CVS (6/22/19), the 2019 UCRA National Points Championship is worth an additional $16,000, putting a nearly $50,000 tagline with the UCRA and Clay Valley. The UCRA is a sanctioning body for 604/Crate Late Model dirt racing and all rights and rules thereof are available to be adhered to on behalf of the United Championship Racing Alliance ©2019 online at UCRAracing.com.

March 7, 2019 - 10 Races… Over $150,000 Prize Monies… No Membership Fees… Equals $16,000 Championship Chase 
1Fort Payne, AL (3/5/2019) --- The stage is set for the chase of the $16,000 up for grabs for the 2019 United Championship Racing Alliance – UCRA season. As the first of ten races scheduled, the Fort Payne (AL) Motor Speedway’s “Bama Brawl” UCRA opener last weekend, Seth Wimpey of Blue Ridge, raced to his career first alliance victory. The 35 year old lead all 40 laps of the $2,500 feature race holding off multiple challengers. The 2019 UCRA $1,000 Rookie of the Year bonus challenge is up for grabs as part of the over $150,000 prize monetary season, that unlike other series charges racers membership fees, along with entry fees, transponder fees and pit entry charges. Wimpey’s # 24 “VanDrake Racing, Weeks Tires, W.E.Hardscapes & Masonry, Stone Depot, 99Inc., Tree Daddy and High Country Pest Control” sponsored Black Diamond team is not alone in the Rookie Hunt, as four other possible rookie contenders raced Round # 1 last weekend. David Duplissey of Chattanooga, TN; DJ Hayes of Ider, AL; Randy Holder of Anniston, AL; and Justin McGatha of Centre, AL all could contend for the Rookie Title. >>READ MORE

March 2, 2019 - Seth Wimpey Surges to UCRA Bama Brawl Triumph
1Fort Payne, AL (3/2/19) --- A 2019 Rookie of the Year United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA candidate stole the "Bama Brawl" show Saturday afternoon, leading flag to flag the 40 lap event in honor of the late Eddie Davis; Marketing Director for the four year touring group, whom passed away suddenly last year. Seth Wimpey of Blue Ridge, GA put his name in the ring for the $16,000 UCRA 2019 National Championship chase, that includes a $1,000 Rookie Title challenge, after two solid runs at his home track last year in Brasstown, NC. (Stanley Smith photo)

The  # 24 “VanDrake Racing, Weeks Tires, W.E.Hardscapes & Masonry, Stone Depot, 99Inc., Tree Daddy and High Country Pest Control” sponsored Black Diamond racer lucked into a penalty against front row starters Jesse Lowe and Kasey Hall, that catapulted himself and heat #2 runner-up Michael Courtney to the front row. Wimpey fired as directed by UCRA officials and it was "Katy Barr the Door" as the leader sustained challenge after challenger. >>READ MORE

February 24, 2019 - UCRA Provisional Clarification
1 Fort Payne, AL (2/24/2019) --- Regarding Provisional's for United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA competition. Provisional's are for racers whom attempt to qualify for feature starting positions during preliminary events. If racers do NOT attempt to qualify or run qualifying heat races, they will NOT be eligible for a provisional starting position. However, any racer is permitted to enter after qualifying and heat preliminaries in attempt to race into a transfer position. Racers failing to transfer will be given the minimum 10 points to show for UCRA National Points standings.  

February 17, 2019 - Wimpey Commits to 2019 UCRA $16,000 Championship Chase Next Weekend
1 Blue Ridge, GA (2/17/2019) --- Another Blue Ridge Invader is set to chase the $16,000 up for grabs during the 2019 United Championship Racing Alliance – UCRA season, beginning at this years Fort Payne (AL) Motor Speedway’s “Bama Brawl” event. Last year 35 year-old, Seth Wimpey raced with the UCRA at his nearby home track (TriCounty Race Track) in Brasstown, North Carolina twice. finishing with a podium placement (3rd) and a sixth place nod in the season finale, to peak his interest in following the Southern based series, like his neighbor “The Blue Ridge Bandit” Devin Stuart did. Stuart finished 7th overall in the 2018 UCRA standings and was 2nd in the $1,000 Rookie of the Year bonus challenge to Knoxville’s Michael Courtney.

Wimpey’s been a mainstay in tracks like; Blue Ridge (GA) Motorsports Park, Toccoa (GA) Speedway and TCRT often putting his # 24 “VanDrake Racing, Weeks Tires, W.E.Hardscapes & Masonry, Stone Depot, 99Inc., Tree Daddy and High Country Pest Control” sponsored Black Diamond machine in Victory Lane. Wimpey caught the racing bug twelve years ago thanks to his brother-in-law, another UCRA part-timer “The Tank” Shane Tankersley. Jimmy Elliott of Cleveland, TN most recently won the $5,000 championship, sharing title reigns with Rusty Ballenger of Seymour, TN and Jake Teague of Petross, TN. Two days of practice will welcome all racers to the FPMS Thursday and Friday before Prelim’s and Features Saturday and Sunday. Local racers JT & Sam Seawright are expected to be hard to beat winning multiple FPMS track championships. Over all the “Bama Brawl” is paying out over $40,000 in it’s nine divisions of action that include; SLM, UCRA 604/Crate and UCRA 602/Sportsman. Street Stocks, A&B Hobby, Pony, FWD and Bombers will all be racing. More details are available on the Fort Payne Motor Speedway FaceBook page.

February 7, 2019 - Blue Ridge Motorsports Park Joins 2019 UCRA Schedule
1Blue Ridge, GA (2/7/19) --- The Blue Ridge Motorsports Park dirt track, in the Blue Ridge, Georgia mountains, have signed with the United Championship Racing Alliance (UCRA) for a pair 50-lap events in 2019 boasting over $23,000 for 604/Crate racers. Saturday, August 31st will be the first of two $3,000 to-win / championship points battles at the 1/3 mile clay banked facility. 

The “Labor Day 50” event will see 604/Crate Late Models rip roar for the $11,500 event. In 2018 ten (10) different winners visited UCRA Victory Lane, with one the local dominator of the area; Jason “Big” Deal of nearby Copperhill. Tennessee, winning. Jimmy Elliott of Cleveland, TN whose raced multiple times at Blue Ridge (back when it was known as Sugar Creek) led his “Mohawk Warriors” to the $5,000 points championship last year, despite being winless on the tour in 2018. A plague of Top 5 finishes garnered Elliott his second championship in 2018, as he won the Winter Shootout series championship back in January.

Rookie of the Year Michael Courtney of Knoxville challenged his friend Elliott the entire season and at the conclusion of the points championship fell four (4) points shy of a $6,000 payday. Kenny Kizzar of Graysville Mtn, Tn, local “Blue Ridge Bandit” Devin Stuart and “Kidd-Quik” Kyle Courtney of Knoxville battled most of the season with the UCRA, running in the Top 5 of points. Fan favorite “Dirty White Boy” Anthony White of Clinton, TN also woo’d racefans with his 2x machine most of the season battling the likes of 2017 Rookie of the Year Jesse Lowe of Crossville, TN as well as the “Chipper” Chip Brindle of nearby Dalton/Chatsworth, GA for wins. Local racing action will be announced to compete with the UCRA touring regulars.

The second event for Blue Ridge Motorsports Park event is shaping up to be a $30,000 “Georgia BadBoys Finals” weekend, as a couple other neighboring facilities expressing interest for a potential three (3) day affair surrounding the Saturday, October 12th date.

For more information visit the tracks web-site online at www.BlueRidgeMotorsportsPark.com or the alliances website at www.UCRAracing.com

January 19, 2019 - UCRA Hands Out Nearly $10,000 in 2018 Points Money
Leader of the Mohawk Nation & Purple Punk, Jimmy Elliott with Angie Elliott & his kids "FROG Bentley" and his baby sister Abi... United Championship Racing Alliance first Family
Just 3 positions during the last race of the 10 race United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA 2018 season kept Rookie of the Year Michael Courtney from winning the $5,000 National Points Championship. congrats to Scott Romines & his raceteam

Ooltewah, TN (1/19/2019) --- The United Championship Racing Alliance - UCRA hosted their annual National Points Awards Luncheon on Saturday afternoon at the Western Sizzlin’ Steakhouse Restaurant in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Post lunch,

Nearly $10,000 waspassed out to the Top point’s contenders of 2018’s ten (10) races. The $5.000 top prize will be going to Cleveland, Tennessee racer Jimmy Elliott (# J39) whom garnered six (6) Top 5 finishes last season, narrowly holding off, friend and 2018 Rookie of the Year ($1,000 bonus recipient) Michael Courtney of Knoxville, for the title. Kenny Kizzar of Graysville Mtn, TN was honored, along with "Kidd-Quik" Kyle Courtney of Knoxville, whom both followed the tour religiously last season. 

3rd Annual Larry Kyle Memorial
I-75 Raceway
(Sweetwater, TN)

Saturday, August 3